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Live Plants & Palm seeds
We have a well established Nursery in Pune. All the export plants are grown and hardened in cocopeat media under green house condition. We are specialized in handling big trees for Landscape projects.
Following are some of the most common plants.

Plant name


Plants Name
Aglonemas Abidjan
Flowering shrubs
Acalypha hispida
  Dove   Alamanda
  Earnest white   Bougainvillae
  Malay lady   Ixora maha
  Silver queen   Gardenia
  Thai gold   Hibiscus
  Pseudo bractum   Jasmine
Alocasia Amazonia   Mussanda
  Xanthosoma   Nerium oleandrum
Anthurium hybrids Cut flower varieties   Poinsettia
  Pot plant varieties   Tecoma stans
Asparagus Meyri Edge plants Cuffia
  Springari   Golden duranta
Dieffenbachia Picta   Alternanthra
  Tropic snow   Pedilanthus
  High color   Clerodendron
Ficus Elastica   Ixora miniature
  Starlet   Pentanus
  Nuda   Russelia
  Green Foliage shrubs Acalypha
Monstera Deliciosa   Crotons hybrids
  Variegated Lawn grasses Korean/Mexican
Pepperomia Angulata   Bermuda
  Bicolor   Buffallow
Philodendron Emerald duke Palms Areca palm/Yellow
  Green empire   Areca nut
  Painted lady   Red palm
  Pink princes   Phoenix
Shefflera Green   Livistonia
  Variegated   Shampaign
  High color   Triangular
Syngonium White butterfly Frutis plants Mango grafted
  Infra red   Sapota grafted
Bamboos Green   Guava layer
  Golden   Custard apple
  Buddas belly   Jack grafted
  White bamboo   Star fruit
Bulbose plant Canna   Custard apple
  Caladium   Jack grafted
  Heliconias   Star fruit