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Welcome to Orchid Flora...

We take pride in presenting you this colourful web pages of a vast and varied collection of some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic orchids. This invaluable guide to our extensive supply range of top quality flasks,  hybrids, and seedlings for cut flowers will enable you to acquaint yourself with some of the best quality orchids available from our site, you can confidently select and acquire those very special species that you have always desired and bring yourself immense amounts of pleasure and satisfaction.
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Business Plan:
Orchid cut flower and pot plants business is in full swing these days. India is importing huge quantity of quality orchid cut flowers from Bangkok mainly to cater the Metros of Delhi, Mumbai,Pune Chennai and Kolkotta and also to cater the B2 Cities. Orchid cut flower growers are concentrating on Dendrobium varieties and there is a huge demand for the varieties like Mokkaras, Oncidiums, Phalenopsis etc. The demand is increasing for pot plants like Dendrobiums, Vandas and Cattleyas. Hence there is a huge potential to start business on orchids cut flower production and pot plant retailing. We are providing all the technical support and business plan for the beginners and growers.